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We tried other chat apps in the past but non delivered like JIVO Chat.  We tried zendesk and other build-in plugging for our site. Sadly we ended up spending time and money.  These apps dont deliver like promised.  One night we decided to do our own research , to our surprise we came across Jivo Chat. I was impress to see that a live rep answer all our questions on the spot.  That let me to download the app and try it. Two weeks later we purchased the service and we can honestly tell you is worth your money.

One key feature that caught our attention is how the app collects our customers name and phone number. This feature allows us to call our applicant back. It also generates happy customers.  Jivo chat also connects to your cell phone. ive been able to help our student through my personal cell. This mean i dont have to be stock in the office to be ble to assist students.

Now in days if you want to be successful in business you must personalized customer service. Customer need their questions answer as soon as possible. Whoever can accomplish this will get the loyalty of customers.

In Jivo chat website you can find tips on how to help clients more efficiently. One tip is to answer your chats within 10 or 15 seconds.  Not answering within this time frame can lead to losing a potential client. My recommendation is not to only download their app but also down load the program into your computer. Fortunately the app is available for mac and pc. The software is easy to use and installation was easy and fast.  One thing i almost forgot to mention is that if you miss a chat you can just respond and the app will email the applicant or client immediately. Other app don’t have this feature and if they do trust me is more expensive.

I must say Jivo chat customer service is top rated. This factor let me made up my mind to buy it.   One awesome thing they also included was the integration with social media. Jivo Chat is important if you want to invest in google ads. If you spend so much money in google ads but there no way you are helping your customers asap. You will just waste money. This is the best tool to keep track of clients and your investment.

Lost my chat ,no worries everything is automatically save for you to respond as soon as you can.  This app is 5 stars give it a try you have a 15 days trial period. Trust me in have that time you will be convince this is the right choice.  Please don’t spend your money else where, after spending our money else where i came to the conclusion that Jivo Chat is the cheapest and most affordable web chat app.   I hope my experience with Jivo chat help you decide to join them.  The best Chat Ever