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1. What is the GED?

The GED is the High school equivalent test, in New Jersey are two tests that are approved by the United States Department of Education and the New Jersey State Board of Education: They are the GED and HiSET.

2. Who is eligible for the GED program?

The GED program can be taken by individuals who are at least 16 years old, have not graduated from an accredited high school, received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma, and are not currently enrolled in a traditional high school.

3. Do I have to reside in New Jersey to take the test? 

Yes, you must be an NJ Resident to take the test and receive the diploma.

4. What subjects will the GED® cover? 

Writing, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills will be evaluated.

5. When will I get my test scores?

You can check your results on the GED or HiSET account online.

6. Are the classes with a live teacher?

Yes, the class is live, you are able to interact directly with the instructor, participate in the class by asking and answering questions.

7. How do I obtain my diploma after passing the tests?

It takes about three to four weeks for your diploma to arrive at your house, it all depends on whether you take the test with HiSET or GED, if you have any problem coming in person and bring proper identification to help you get the scores, or you may try calling the test provider for more info.

8. What documents do I need for the test? 

Provide a passport, driver’s license, permit license, school/college ID, voter registration, employee ID, or other photo identification, that has been issued by a public or private government agency. Proof of Address is also needed.

9. Is GED testing available in Spanish?

Yes, the test is available in Spanish.

10. What happens if you don’t pass all the exams? 

You can take a subtest up to three times in a calendar year. This includes your initial appointment and two retakes.

11. How long does it take to complete the GED test?

Each test is between 65 and 120 minutes long, depending on the subject. You can schedule one or more tests on your chosen test date. You will schedule your tests through your HiSET account online.

12. What makes you the best program?

We focus on teaching you the precise and concise material for each subject. Our proven educational approach is successful with all learning styles and age groups, and results in our high graduation rate!

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